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This beautiful stone has developed many meanings throughout the ages, known as “the stone of sudden inspiration” and also “the stone of new beginnings.”
This is a more inward-loving crystal and it helps you reignite the passion for things that bring you joy in
the purest sense of the word. An excellent stone for women, it helps get in touch with your feminine side, regulate your menstrual cycle, and help with cramps, fertility and healthy pregnancies.
It brings out the “forgotten” parts of you, deep creativity
and realisations come along with the power of Peach Moonstone.

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Since all crystals are naturally formed they are each shaped differently, your crystals are intuitively handpicked by us while packaging your order. 

We do not allow individual selection of raw chunks, tumbles and most crystals that have the same grammage. 

Selection is allowed only on cluster specimens as they will be listed individually.

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