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Angel Aura Quartz

Angel Aura Quartz



Fitting with its name, this iridescent crystal is a result of vaporising and bonding different metals to an existing crystal, in this case, clear Quartz.
Ethereal Angel Aura Quartz holds all the colours of the Rainbow, making it an excellent stone to work on all chakras.
Use Angel Aura Quartz to draw peace and love into your life, a lighter higher vibration!
For example, you did some shadow work with the waning moon and are now applying the lessons, this stone by your side helps you “notice the butterflies” again.
Angel Aura Quartz’s soothing vibrations help heal emotional distress and calm overthinking, even keeping its metaphysical properties aside, simply looking at this crystal in light is a good way to get lost in its energy and out of your busy mind.
The properties of clear Quartz “the master healer” and the “colourful aura” of this crystal make it excellent for all healing purposes, it also helps keep your aura clear and cleansed.
It is also a useful tool for healers to have while doing Aura & Energy work with others.
While choosing your crystals keeping their shape in mind is also important! Some Quartz crystals have unique shapes which increase their benefits, for example, the tiny triangles on Quartz are known as windows and are excellent for lucid dreaming, the twin crystals featured in this post are excellent for twin flame healing and “love” workings and so on.

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Since all crystals are naturally formed they are each shaped differently, your crystals are intuitively handpicked by us while packaging your order. 

We do not allow individual selection of raw chunks, tumbles and most crystals that have the same grammage. 

Selection is allowed only on cluster specimens as they will be listed individually.

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