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Selenite has an ethereal quality and is said to inhabit the place between light and matter.
Selenite translates to moonstone, and although this does not have a connection to the moon the silvery sheen of the stone reminded people of the moon goddess “Selene.”
Selenite’s fine and gentle vibrations invite peace and clarity in one’s energetic field.
It works on all chakras, especially your higher ones and works as a medium to connect you to the higher realms of esoteric knowledge.
An excellent stone for meditation, cleansing and other spiritual work.
Selenite also cleanses other crystals, protects the aura and is excellent for gridding.

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Since all crystals are naturally formed they are each shaped differently, your crystals are intuitively handpicked by us while packaging your order. 

We do not allow individual selection of raw chunks, tumbles and most crystals that have the same grammage. 

Selection is allowed only on cluster specimens as they will be listed individually.

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