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This crystal is neither solid nor liquid, it vibrates at 786,000 pulses per millisecond, Clear Quartz’s vibration is the axis of the universe.
Known as the “Master Healer”, Clear Quartz is known to cleanse and balance your surroundings, it helps in clearing energy blockages from the body and forms good energy in the body for a more “Flow” state. Clear Quartz works on all chakras by cleansing and balancing them gently.
Clear Quartz is known to cleanse other crystals and or amplify the effects of any other crystals placed next to it.
Clear Quartz is also used for scrying; a method of divination, these stones are filled with phantoms and rainbows so you can fully get lost in them.

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Since all crystals are naturally formed they are each shaped differently, your crystals are intuitively handpicked by us while packaging your order. 

We do not allow individual selection of raw chunks, tumbles and most crystals that have the same grammage. 

Selection is allowed only on cluster specimens as they will be listed individually.

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