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This iridescent rock is sometimes also called “Blue Pearl Granite.” closely related to Labradorite!
Black Moonstone is the “Master of Dreams” it will help you with any sort of dream work, interpretation, recall, lucid etc.
This crystal is also a deeply protective stone, often connected with the new and dark moon energies. It carries a sort of silent power, the kind you only see when the sun is shining on it, much like the shimmery blue specks on it that the light catches beautifully.
It is an excellent stone for people working with the divine feminine energies outside or within.
It helps you learn and retain substance from the lessons you learn, it increases focus and hence is an excellent meditation companion.

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Since all crystals are naturally formed they are each shaped differently, your crystals are intuitively handpicked by us while packaging your order. 

We do not allow individual selection of raw chunks, tumbles and most crystals that have the same grammage. 

Selection is allowed only on cluster specimens as they will be listed individually.

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